Status Check Extension

Expansion Description

Check the status of various resources that the service relies on. This status check can be used for both telnet’s status command and hosting’s status page.

Extension ports


Extended configuration

<dubbo:protocol status="xxx,yyy" />
<!-- The default value setting, when <dubbo:protocol> does not configure the status attribute, use this configuration -->
<dubbo:provider status="xxx,yyy" />

Known extensions

  • org.apache.dubbo.rpc.dubbo.status.ServerStatusChecker
  • org.apache.dubbo.rpc.dubbo.status.ThreadPoolStatusChecker
  • org.apache.dubbo.rpc.config.spring.status.SpringStatusChecker
  • org.apache.dubbo.rpc.config.spring.status.DataSourceStatusChecker

Extended example

Maven project structure:

                | (implement StatusChecker interface)
                |-org.apache.dubbo.common.status.StatusChecker (plain text file, content:

import org.apache.dubbo.common.status.StatusChecker;
public class XxxStatusChecker implements StatusChecker {
    public Status check() {


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