Connection Control

Connection control between server and client in Dubbo

Feature description

scenes to be used

How to use

Server connection control

Limit the number of connections accepted by the server to no more than 10 1:

<dubbo:provider protocol="dubbo" accepts="10" />


<dubbo:protocol name="dubbo" accepts="10" />

Client connection control

Limit the client service to use no more than 10 connections 2:

<dubbo:reference interface="" connections="10" />


<dubbo:service interface="" connections="10" />

If both <dubbo:service> and <dubbo:reference> are configured with connections, <dubbo:reference> takes precedence, see: [Configuration override strategy](../../../reference- manual/config/principle/)

  1. Because it is connected to the Server, it is configured on the Provider ↩︎

  2. If it is a long connection, such as the Dubbo protocol, connections indicates the number of long connections established by the service for each provider ↩︎

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